Italian lenguage has many different dialects. The Roman dialect is one of the most nice and funny, used in a lot of movies because of his common saying. Following a list of the best roman proverbi and common sayng, and literal English translation
  • Quello che nun trozza ‘ngrassa. What doesn.t choke, made you fatter
  • Omo de panza, Omo de sostanza. A man with a great belly, is a man with great power
  • ‘Ndove nun c’è er guadambio la remissione è certa. Where there’s no gain, of course there’s remission
  • ‘Na mela fracica ne guasta 100 bone. A march apple, mad march other 100 apples
  • L’amore nun è bello si nun è litigherello.Love is better when you quarrel
  • In tera de ciechi, beato chi c’ha ‘n occhio. In a world where all the men are blinds, if you have just one eye are a lucky one
  • Dimme er Pantheon, no la rotonna. Tell me the Pantheon and not the round
  • Chi mena pe’ primo, mena du’ vorte. Who hits first, hits two times
  • Can che abbia nun morde. Dog that barks doesn’t bites
  • C’entra perche ce cape! It enters because it goes
  • Chi se ritira dalla lotta è ‘ngran fimo de’ ‘na mignotta.Who retire from the fight is a great son of a bitch
  • A lillo, se te rode er culo dillo. My friend if your ass itches, tell me
  • Voja de lavorà sarteme addosso…lavora tu pe’ me che io nun posso! Want to work jump on me
  • Hai voluto a bicicletta? e mo pedala!You wanted the bike, ride now
  • Chi magna da solo se strozza. Who eats alone chokes
  • Er monno è fatto a scale, chi le scene e chi le sale.World is made of steps, someone goes down, someone goes up
  • Tira pià un pelo de’ sorca che un caro de bovi.Pulls more a hair of a women then a oxcart
These are just some, of the roman proverbs.

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